One to One Instagram Strategy Session​

£199.00 GBP (tax included)​

In need of a one off session to help you get to grips with the ins and outs of why your Instagram isn’t doing what you want it to? 

Maybe you are seeing low engagement or wondering how to reach your ideal client? 

Or perhaps the content you are creating isn’t getting you to where you aspire to be…

Our 121 Instagram Strategy Sessions are designed to help answer your burning questions and leave you with a strategic plan of action!

Prior to our session:

☀️ Ideally, you will have booked an audit with us, we will be able to build upon your audit during this session. 

☀️ We will also email you to schedule in your session at a suitable and convenient time. 

☀️ Next, you will join our Zoom room (via phone or laptop is fine!) where the session will last for an hour. 

☀️ During the session, we will take a look at your Instagram together and talk through recommendations and strategies to help you achieve your desired outcome. 

 After this session ends, you will: 

☀️ Feel much clearer on how to use Instagram.

☀️ Have learnt easy to implement strategies that will help improve your strategic performance on Instagram. 

☀️ You will receive a recording of the call. You must download your copy within 5 working days. 

If any of the below sound like you – these sessions are perfect:

☀️ You want to know a bit more “about how Instagram works”

☀️ You have tried most “tricks and tips” and you’re not quite sure where you are going wrong

☀️ You know you need to use Instagram as a business asset but are not sure which bit to focus on first

☀️ You need clients but don’t know where to begin to look for them

☀️ You wish your Instagram was a hive of activity instead of being as dead as a doorknob

☀️ You have a specific goal in mind and would like some strategies to help you get there

☀️ You wished you could “pick the brains of a pro” and have your burning questions answered

If you want to save yourself  over £80? 

This offer includes:

  • 121 Instagram Strategy Session (normally £199.00) 
  • Advanced Instagram Strategic Audit (normally £179.00)

For a total of £297.00

Mandy Madden
Mandy Madden
I recently had an audit, strategy session AND bought templates from G. What a superstar she is, and also a bit of a cheerleader when I need it ❤️ Thanks G!
Julia Zatta
Julia Zatta
I just recently purchased Ray of Social's "Summer? Sorted!" package and I can't recommend it enough. It's so well put together, it's fun and it's inspiring. The designs and copy are excellent and easy to adapt to your brand & message. If you're on the fence about working with G. this is your sign to do it now!
Darren Hunter
Darren Hunter
Outstanding, Georgia is a force multiplier. I'm confident that the marketing product produced had a large part to play in our increased pipeline!! Thank you!!
Lucy Wheeler
Lucy Wheeler
Georgia is amazing! Georgia created exactly what we needed quickly and without us needing to provide a detailed brief. The whole experience was smooth and professional. Our clients love the graphics and our socials have received more engagement as a result of Georgia's work. Highly recommend!
Penelope Walker
Penelope Walker
Over the last few months I have hired Georgia to do multiple creatives for me for diff platforms. I love her work. I think I set out quite a tricky brief but she really understood what I wanted, turned it around quickly and I am delighted with it. Also saved me hours/days faffing in Canva. Strongly recommend.
Kelly Harrison
Kelly Harrison
Working with G for the past 2 years has not only enhanced my business and helped my self development but I’ve gained a friend too. I’ve learnt a lot over the last couple of years and she has helped my business grow so much. She’s made my life a LOT easier. She’s inspirational, super creative and most importantly, she totally gets me. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Love, Kelly xxx
Lashaun Pryce
Lashaun Pryce
I had an 1 to 1 audit of my business and its social media presence and the tips and feedback I got was perfect. Georgia is one of a kind and knows her stuff. I recommend using her services to get a better knowledge of your own social media and how to do more knowledgeable posts. Thank you so much xx
Steph McCabe
Steph McCabe
Georgia was engaging, professional and positive from the start, and really took the time to understand our product. Excellent communication, really organised and just a generally lovely person to work with!
Jules Daniels
Jules Daniels
We worked with G on some insta templates and pinned posts and she was BRILL! G totally got the brief, the branding was spot on. Highly recommend.
Charlie Mora Smith
Charlie Mora Smith
Georgia works with us on a part time basis managing the social media channels of one of our international clients. Her attention to detail is second to none, and she writes excellent copy. She quickly understood the client's tone of voice and target audience, and she has managed to increase page followers to one of the accounts by 87% just in the last 3 months! Her work is brilliant - she must be followed on Instagram because her Insta-Gran character is hilarious! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her social media management services to any business looking to seriously up their online presence.