Take the guesswork and hassle out of marketing your biz with done-for-you customisable Canva templates!

Then you’re going to love this!

The Ray Of Social Content Club is THE brilliant new content creation membership that takes the hassle and guesswork out of marketing your business.

Literally… no more feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by social media.

No more wondering what to post.

No more faffing around in Canva and definitely no more comparing yourself to others and coming up short.

Because when you join Content Club, you’ll receive 21 easy-to-customise Instagram templates – guaranteed to stop your audiences’ thumbs mid-scroll – every month.

And that’s just the start of it!

Here is everything you get when you join the content club:


Creating consistent, scroll-stopping content isn’t easy. And I know it can feel like a chore with everything else you’ve got going on.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. 

Hi I’m G, the vintage-loving content designer who’s here to save your social bacon!

For almost a decade I’ve been helping entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners like you to show up on social media and grow their brands. 

And now it’s your turn.

But wait…

Before you go any further, you should know something. Content Club isn’t like the other template services you might have seen – there’s no one-size-fits-all approach around here! No way.

You see, as an ideas gal, I’ve made it my mission to create templates that are perfect for YOUR business! 

That’s why I’ve gone the extra mile and tailored The Content Club to people who provide a service.

Designed with your specific goals in mind, the monthly templates are bright, bold and guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. 

What’s more, every template has been designed to spark loads of ideas and inspire you to create content that really resonates with your audience.

Each pack of monthly templates is perfect for any of the businesses listed below.  

Can’t see your biz type on the list? No worries. Email me at georgia@rayofsocial.com and tell me what you do – I don’t want you to join if the templates are not right for you!

  • Social Media Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Online Coach 
  • Consultant 
  • Financial Advisor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Business Mentor
  • Marketer
  • Events Organiser
  • Teacher 
  • Web Designer 
  • Money Mindset Mentor
  • FB Ads Manager
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Membership Owner
  • Career Coach 
  • Mental Health Mentor
  • Wellbeing Coach
  • Sales Mentor
  • Family relationship Mentor
  • Anyone who teaches something
  • People who provide an online service 


As a professional designer, I’ve met hundreds of business owners, bloggers and entrepreneurs who struggle to create eye-catching content that resonates with their audience and gets them the results they want.

And it really holds them back. In fact, in some cases, it stops them from posting all together!

And I don’t want that to be you. 

Of course, if you had the time, you could spend a few thousand pounds on a fancy design course and all the software that goes with it.

Or you could hire a professional designer like me and pay anything up to £500 for a set of bespoke templates.

But, neither is necessary when you join The Content Club. Because, for a small investment of just £39 a month, all the hard work’s done for you.

PLUS – if you are one of the FIRST 10 people to sign up – you’ll get my ‘Instant Action BONUS Bundle’ of 20 plug-in-and-play templates (worth a whopping £379) absolutely FREE.

Easy Payment Plan
Pay £ 39 Monthly

  • 21 scroll-stopping templates every month (includes grid, story & video templates) (£379 Value)
  • Quick & easy customisation videos so you can make the templates your own (£99 Value)
  • Monthly group accountability session held over Zoom (optional to attend) (£120 Value)
  • Canva tutorials & content tips on your own online members hub – pick up new tips and tricks to help you create content! (£399 Value)
  • Trend alerts & post ideas (with links to trending sounds!) via email- never feel stuck about what to post again. I’ll give you all the answers.
  • ‘Instant Action BONUS Bundle’ (£379 Value) for the first 10 new members!

Your investment = £39 per month cancel anytime!

Annual Saver
Pay £ 399.99 Yearly

  • 21 scroll-stopping templates every month (includes grid, story & video templates) (£379 Value)
  • Quick & easy customisation videos so you can make the templates your own (£99 Value)
  • Monthly group accountability session held over Zoom (optional to attend) (£120 Value)
  • Canva tutorials & content tips on your own online members hub – pick up new tips and tricks to help you create content! (£399 Value)
  • Trend alerts & post ideas (with links to trending sounds!) via email- never feel stuck about what to post again. I’ll give you all the answers.
  • ‘Instant Action BONUS Bundle’ (£379 Value) for the first 10 new members!

Your investment = £399.99 saving £68!

If you’re not 100% happy with your templates that’s no good because I want you to love them!

And because I’m so confident you will, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and offering a ‘no questions asked’ cancellation guarantee on all monthly memberships. 

So, if for any reason you feel this isn’t for you, there’s no need to feel awks about leaving. Simply just drop me a message and I’ll do the rest.

You’ll get to keep all the templates you’ve received to date and will have access to the Facebook group and other resources until the end of your monthly cycle.

* The ‘No Questions Asked’ cancellation policy is available on monthly memberships only. Refunds cannot be issued for annual memberships. For more details please check out my T&Cs.

If that’s a deal-breaker for you, why not start with monthly membership and upgrade to annual at any time.

The first 10 new members will instantly receive this "pinned" template bundle (worth £399) ABSOLUTELY FREE

Join now and have tomorrow’s post ready in minutes!

Start creating content straight away with a pack of 20 plug-in-and-play universal templates.

The ‘Instant Action BONUS Bundle’ includes:

20x templates that you can “pin” to the top of your Instagram profile. Included in the FREE bonus pack are:

  • 1x What you can expect from me
  • 1x How to work with me in 2023 carousel (2 slides)
  • 1x About Us/Me
  • 1x Fancy some freebies promotional post
  • 1x How to tips carousel (2 slides)
  • 1x Email sign ups reminder
  • 1x 3 things about me
  • 1x Testimonial  thread carousel (3 slides)
  • 1x Start Here/ About me
  • 1x Offering / Promotional post carousel (3 slides)
  • 1x How to list (designed as an iPhone notes!)
  • 1x Testimonial words (1 slide but you could use it multiple times!)
  • 1x How to solve (enter your clients pain point) 
  • 1x Simple Offerings using three words to describe what you do. 

The first 10 new members will gain instant access to these 20 shiny templates all ready for you to post straight away on your Instagram!

So what’s it going to be?

Do you want to keep faffing, procrastinating and stressing about keeping up on Insta?

Orrrrrr, are you going to jump in and get 21 fresh new designs delivered to your inbox every month?

If that sounds like a no-brainer to you, you need to be quick. The doors to The Content Club close on Friday 30th June 2023 and won’t open again until the end of September, 2023!

Frequently asked questions

I know you might have questions about Content Club so I’ve answered as many as I can here. If there’s anything else you need to know before signing up, email me at georgia@rayofsocial.com and I’ll get right back to you.

Each month you’ll receive 21 easy-to-customise templates sized & optimised ready for Instagram as well as video tutorials on how to make them your own.

Anything you like – apart from sell them! You can customise them to fit your brand and can post them on your own and your clients’ accounts.

No, you can resize them, or use them as they are, on any social platform you choose.

I really hope that doesn’t happen (it never has before) but if you’re worried it could be the case, your best bet is to sign up for the monthly membership which comes with my ‘no questions asked’ cancellation guarantee. This means you can cancel at any time and enjoy your templates / membership until the end of the current month you have paid for. 

Of course. The annual plan will save you money too.

Each month you’ll receive a link to your new templates via email. When you click the link it’ll open up your Pro Canva account where you’ll be able to edit and customise your templates. You can change everything to your own brand colours AND there are also elements that nobody else has access to included for free… that I created with my own hand for you to use exclusively!

Yes, I recommend investing in Canva Pro (£99.99 a year) for the best results. As per the updated T&Cs from Canva (July 2022) you now must edit at least one element of a pre-sold design, such as brand colours, positioning or rearranging in your own Pro Canva account. Of course, you will do this because the templates are not designed in your brand colours so they will need adjusting before you post!

I know you’re busy, that’s why you’re looking for an easy solution to content creation, right? Well, that’s the beauty of Content Club. The hard work is done for you. You won’t have to spend hours fiddling around with mediocre templates that you don’t really love. Just change the colours and words and you’re good to go. I also provide video tutorials to help you do that.

You’ll be able to change the colours, text, images and gifs plus you can add your own branding. But, remember, the goal here is to save time and cut down on the faffing. So my recommendation is to just change the basics and trust the process.

Yes, that’s the brilliant thing about The Content Club – I’ve done the creative bit so you don’t have to. Forget wading through hundreds of free Canva templates looking for something that feels right. You can just switch up the colours (if you want to) and get on with your day. Everything else is done for you.

You will! I’ve made the process super simple by providing video tutorials with step-by-step instructions so you can’t muck it up! 

Yes! In fact, now is absolutely the perfect time for you. So many people hold off posting because they don’t feel confident about their design skills. And they waste hours faffing with templates in Canva before abandoning them altogether. Content Club templates take away all that angst and help you get over your fear of perfectionism and judgement.


Nope. If you sign up for the monthly plan you can cancel at any time – no questions asked – so there’s absolutely nothing to lose. 

You’ll receive your first set of 21 scroll-stopping templates on the 1st of every month. But if you can’t wait that long, be one of the first 10 people to sign up this time, and you’ll receive an extra special bonus pack of 20 templates to start using straight away.

Yes. Each month I host an accountability session over Zoom where you can ask questions, show me what you’re up to and get more ideas and inspiration. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you high and dry. Feel free to email me any questions over at hello@rayofsocial.com

No, but if you join the monthly membership you can cancel at any time and enjoy the templates / membership up until the end of that month. Monthly members can also upgrade to annual at any time

Click here for the full T&Cs.

Are you thinking that now isn’t the right time for you? For full transparency – The Content Club opens 3x a year (April, June, September.) But just think about what you could achieve on social media by then – more followers, more engagement, more sales. 

Why delay your success?

Of course, buuuuuut you’ll have to wait until the doors reopen again later in the year.