Instagram Audit & One to One Strategy Session Bundle

£297.00 GBP (tax included)

Our best value for your money deal – Bundle Up and save yourself £80.00. 

Here’s what you can expect:

A 30+ page strategic audit document with actionable steps for you to implement on Instagram. 

A one hour strategy session call held over Zoom with a recording of the call. 

It’s the best value for money!

  • The Advanced Instagram Strategic Audit is £179.00 
  • The One to One Instagram Strategy Session is £199.00 

= £370 when purchased separately.


Purchase both for a bargain price of only £297.00

A 30+ page Strategic Audit Doc which includes an in-depth look into:

☀️ GOALS: Firstly, we deep dive into your intended goals to ensure what you are currently doing matches up. Then we provide in-depth recommendations and suggestions on strategies to help you work towards achieving the results you are after.

☀️ STATS: Here we look at your current Instagram stats to evaluate exactly where you are at right now. This includes checking your current engagement levels. We then provide recommendations so that you can improve. 

☀️ BIO: We make sure that your bio, highlights, name field and link in bio are all optimised to attract your ideal follower, your overall Instagram goals and SEO requirements.

☀️ VALUE PROPOSITION: We will discuss what it is and why it matters in your business. Follow our 3 step formula to writing your own value proposition statement and base this as the foundation for your content strategy.

☀️ CONTENT: Next, we take an in-depth analysis at the current content on your Instagram, check that your captions are optimised and  look at how the different content types are performing currently. We provide structured recommendations. 

☀️ STRATEGY: Lastly, we provide an easy to follow actionable plan for you to implement. This also includes a 90 day content plan with personalised ideas relevant to the service you provide. 

This audit is designed to leave you with a clear cut picture of what you need to do to achieve your goals, and easy actionable steps to get there.

☀️ A one hour One to One Strategy Session that takes place over Zoom. In this call, we will go through a 20+ page presentation and dive deeper into your client’s problems, discuss how you can position yourself as an expert, and chat even more about your value proposition. We can even help you write your statement if you need it. We also provide lots of content prep & batching tips to help you save time. 

☀️ Clear, actionable strategies & recommendations that you can implement straight away. 

☀️ A recording of the call for you to download afterwards. a

Both of these sessions listed below are available when you purchase the Bundle Offer!