How do I know what my ideal client should look like?

Trying to attract your ideal client without really knowing what they look like is like asking a dog to go fetch it while pointing to thin air!

Sometimes it can take a simple lightbulb moment for you to understand exactly what your ideal client looks like – and this was mine.

Being a typical Virgo, every day I write a list of things I need to get done. Then I write a list of goals I want to achieve. This is mainly so that they are always at the top of my mind.

I was writing one morning and I suddenly discovered that I had been writing down my exact ideal client – without realising. Here is my super easy formula that you can copy… so you can discover yours.

Think of your ideal client as a real life person – who are they?

    • Are they female / male / non binary ?

    • What type of business are they – Ecommerce / Service Providers / Product Based ?

    • How much do you want them to pay you?

    • Are they looking for something long term / interim?

    • What niche do they work in?

    • Is there something that you have noticed about your previous clients that you really enjoyed?

    • Are they U.K based / Overseas / Online or Offline?

Where does your ideal client hang out?

    • Which social media platforms are they normally on?

    • Do they like informative content or prefer entertaining or aesthetically pleasing content?

    • Are they family run businesses or typically one person businesses?

    • What do they like to do in their spare time (non work related) ?

    • Do they have any specific interests that would make them want to visit certain places?

What your ideal client’s problem?

    • Are they looking for something that will help save them some time?

    • Do you possess certain skills that they need?

    • How many life changing tips do you have that you can tell them about?

    • What will make their life easier?

    • Can you help them be more cost efficient?

    • How can your expertise and knowledge help them?

If you are interested in finding out more about identifying your ideal client or niching down, then I can highly recommend Amy Caiger. Click here to discover her “Unleash your Niche” content.

Do this every day:

Ask yourself the above questions every day. Doodle them on post-it-notes, write them in your journal or even with your finger in the steam on your shower guard. It doesn’t have to be a perfect list. Finding your ideal client is more about getting what is in your head down onto paper. Look back at the phrases you are repeating each day.

When I started doing this, one key phrase that kept coming up was this:

Business owners who provide some sort of a service (ie, not a product)

I have predominantly worked with service providers. Also, I feel like a lot of what I know easily applies to service providers who have an online business. They nearly always have a digital product or plan to have one. Writing these sentences helped me narrow down and clearly define who I want to work with.

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